Cover Songs That Beat Out The Originals

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A new trend seems to be emerging in the music scene lately, and that is cover tunes. Popular bands from all styles of music have started releasing songs, many of which seem better than the original.

A few of the new cover tunes that have been recently released:

- Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson. This 80s pop song has been skillfully remade by this popular Goth singer. It is fantastic.
- Rocky Mountain Way – Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy’s remake of the 80 Read the rest of this entry »

Live Music Venues That Will Blow Your Mind

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The music industry can be very fickle. People that are on the top of the charts today can be down in the dumps tomorrow. This isn’t a figurative statement. This is actually how lots of pop icons are treated. This is why they have to work so hard during live venues. They have to know where they are trying to take the crowd.

Artists like Prince put on shows that are mind-blowing. People that have seem him perform live are amazed by all that hits that this man has. It appears to be a never ending show full Read the rest of this entry »

Bored With Your Tunes? Places To Discover New Music

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Feeling bored with your tunes and music collection can be a bummer, but it is not impossible to find and discover new music that you love and want to listen to repeatedly for hours or days on end. Looking for new music is possible by watching movies and researching soundtracks in addition to also looking online, where you are able to find multiple communities of music that are free to use and allow you to discover music based on your Read the rest of this entry »

A Quick History Of Music Videos

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Determining exactly when music videos first appeared on the scene depends on your interpretation of the term music video. The very first movies with sound were often short musical performances that could easily be considered a music video. Even before these, some musicians hired live performers to dance while a device projected their shadows onto a screen. By some definitions, this would be the first music video.
When thinking about modern music videos ,the performance clips in Read the rest of this entry »

Five New Artists Nobody Can Afford To Ignore

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Don’t sleep on Adele. That is information that you can use if you are evenly remotely interested in pop culture. Adele has an amazing voice and she has some wonderful band members to accompany her when she performs. It is more like an orchestra of talent playing behind her.

The British invasion is not limited to Adele, however, because newcomer Duffy is also a magic act just waiting to explore on stage. People call her music magic because Read the rest of this entry »