Cover Songs That Beat Out The Originals


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A new trend seems to be emerging in the music scene lately, and that is cover tunes. Popular bands from all styles of music have started releasing songs, many of which seem better than the original.

A few of the new cover tunes that have been recently released:

- Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson. This 80s pop song has been skillfully remade by this popular Goth singer. It is fantastic.
- Rocky Mountain Way – Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy’s remake of the 80 s Joe Walsh tune brings back memories of classic Ozzy songs.
- I’m Your Boogie Man – Rob Zombie. If you enjoy Rob Zombie’s style of music, you will enjoy this K.C. and the Sunshine Band remake.
- Shout -Disturbed. This heavy metal band has given new life to Tears for Fears pop classic song.
- The Immigrant Song – Hollywood Undead. The remake of this Led Zeppelin classic is in a class all by itself.
- Word Up – Korn. One of the most played rap songs in the 80s, Korn has re-mastered this song in a heavy metal fashion that only they could perform.
- Rebel Yell – Drowning Pool. This Billy Idol classic has been re-made and it is awesome. Drowning pool has given new life to a classic.

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